GO team

Meet @sugisugisugi

Loves SF Giants baseball, volleyball, beer n' nachos, hippie lettuce, art y design, making music, my grandma, & Sunday Fundays

California grown - but just in case you're dying to know my mix -  ¾ Japanesey & ¼ Oklahomie

Passionately hates the LA dodgers, petty drama, cilantro, cucumbers, and peas… I fucking hate peas.

My heart will always belong to Northern Cali, but San Diego is my happy place. Japan is my second home.

I have a tendency to talk too much. I always try to say YES to new experiences. I love to laugh and think I have a gift making others laugh also. 

Fave quality about myself: My courage. I often take large leaps without looking back. I owe it to the strong women in my life for showing me that in order to make big things happen, you just have to go for it.

Meet @nicole.lorange

Loves travel, outdoor adventures, writing, piano, wine with popcorn, 90's throwbacks, games (boardgames, drinking games, card games, etc), the beach and SEA TURTLES 

Cali Girl through and through. Although I love living in San Diego, my roots are in Nor-Cal... therefore my sports teams are too (SF Giants, 49ers, Sharks and Warriors).  Mother Nature is my happy place, whether it be camping or hiking, laying on a beach or floating down a river.

I am a proud Mestiza (Mom’s Filipino and Dad’s French from Massachusetts), and hold my culture close to my heart. Yes, that means loud gatherings filled with singing and dancing, tons of food and never-ending laughter.   

Fave quality about myself: My optimism. I always search for the good in every situation and person. I am wide open to new experiences and believe positivity is the key to a happy life.  

Meet @msembrown

Loves the San Francisco 49ers, Thai food, mermaids, craft cocktails, and California. 

I am the proud co-founder of a bookclub, and the less proud owner of a Harry Potter tattoo – you aren’t really living until you have one ridiculous tattoo though, right?  

California girl – but please don’t ask me to choose between the North & the South…my heart, and sports affinities will always belong to both.

I have a problem saying no to anything social. Though, I’m super content poolside with a drink in hand, preferably in Palm Springs (by far my happiest place).

Fave quality about myself: My resiliency despite whatever life continues to throw at me. I'm finding that I am a lot stronger than I ever gave myself credit for.