American Tradition (Part III)

Today, Emily and Allie share their American Traditions. With families spread apart, the holidays can get a little frazzled. Despite the distance, it's all about finding that silver lining, gathering with loved ones, and carrying on traditions. 

Neon American Traditions (Part I)

America is filled with with cultures from all around the world, resulting in various traditions and customs. It is likely that each of us have grown up celebrating the holidays with our own little cultural twist, and these traditions should be shared! Coming from Japanese-American and Filipino-American heritage, read what Sugi and Nicole do for their American Traditions. 

Learning to Love...Myself

As we get older, we're finding our bodies can't really keep up with all of the changes. It's easy to be hard on ourselves, but we are only human. They key is to compromise with lifestyle balance and remember to love yourself through it all!

Be Free & Let it Be

The first of many posts by Kaylie Boden. When you take a chance and dive deep into the unknown, it's natural to have fear. If you simply acknowledge the fear without letting it overcome you, the most amazing things happen. 

"I realize now that the majority of that rush comes from the unknown – not knowing exactly where I am going, not knowing for sure if I’m on the right bus, not knowing what the hell is going to happen in the upcoming moments. I love it. I really do."

NEON Lining

Neon Lining

A very personal post about finding the neon lining in beige times. Life is what you make of it. Sometimes things happen that are out of your control. So how do you find the neon lining? Read on>>

A Weight Lifted

An eye opening story about body image, life as a maturely developed adolescent, and the ultimate decision to get breast reduction. 

By Megan Stamey McAlvain

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