NeonBraods: Farewell

Well everyone, that's it's for the NeonBroads and #1MonthAbroad.  That's not to say they won't be stopping by every now and again to give us a little love, but for now, Fender and Maloney are gonna do their own thang around the world! But, before they go, they wanted to personally say goodbye.   

NeonBroads: Traveling in Your 30's

Traveling in your 30's is liberating! You no longer care what people think, and you're free to explore and truly immerse yourself in the culture that surrounds you.  Fender and Maloney share their reasons why traveling in your 30's does NOT suck...  and why it's actually, well, perfect. 

NeonBroads: Part I - Iceland

Our NeonBroads just went to Iceland, and they live to tell the tale! Like every trip, mishaps happen - but it's all about finding that neon lining, and that they did!  Read on to see how Maloney and Fender frolicked their way through Icelandic glaciers, hot springs and waterfalls... and of course, some local bars.  

NeonBroads: Meet Maloney & Fender

Our friends, the Traveler Broads (Fender and Maloney) are packing up for an adventure around the world! We're so stoked to introduce these amazing NeonBabes and to share their journey over the next few weeks.  

Start Something You Love

Emily shares her story about how co-founding a Book Club has reaped so many rewards!  We all know that starting a new hobby isn't hard, but sticking to it can be. We hope her story will inspire you to start something you love, and actually stick with it - for the gratification of success and the entities acquired from it can be surprising!     

The Social Media Diet

Nina is 28 years old and lives in San Francisco with her husband and doodle.  She's the head of a project management team at a full service digital marketing agency.  Today, she shares her experience with social media and how quitting it for a short period of time can make a huge difference in your daily life.  Our generation and the generations that follow are becoming more and more addicted to social channels - read Nina's post to see how just quitting for a month can be revolutionary.